Top ice skating rinks for champions in the Philippines

Skating in the Philippines is a once in a lifetime experience and watching those skaters make their flawless moves are breath-taking. With cloud of ice spray behind them as their skates slice through the perfectly prepared ice, you can’t help but feel captivated by such beautiful sport.

Professional ice skating has grown to an Olympic managed game over the course of the years and is enjoying a lot more attention that in the past. Wherever you are, ice skating is seen as an equally competitive sporting event and falls into its individual category as is done with all other sporting events. If you make use of free betting offers, you will even be able to make online bets on a skating event! Better more, if you win; you get extra cash in your pocket!

Should you plan a trip to the Philippines any time soon or want to backpack through some amazing places over the world, you can rest assured that visiting the skating rinks in the Philippines will give you a complete new outlook on the way ice skating is done.

SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating
As the Philippines have some of the largest shopping malls in the world, the perfect way to make their shopping malls even greater is to add an ice skating rink to it. The Mall of Asia has a tram to make getting from one shop to the other easier as this shopping mall drags over 4 million square feet. Within this shopping mall lies an Olympic sized ice skating rink. If you want to start skating or are an advanced skater, you will be able to take part in games and private lessons at this rink.

SM Southmall Ice Skating
Another great shopping mall; SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, also features a recreational ice skating rink. This rink is placed right in the heart of the mall and it serves as a great family ice skate outing. Public skating, organized recreation skating programs under the Ice Skating Institute guidelines, are among the programs that are offered. Competitive skating is also offered under the direction of the rink’s skating club and individuals will be represented as such when competing in professional ice skating games.

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Ice Skating Club
This ice skating club is one of the most important rinks in the Philippines. This club oversees competitive programs at both rinks in SM Mall of Asia and SM Southmall. The Filipino-Chinese Friendship Skating Club trains and represents ice skaters that are preparing for competitive events. Apart from that, the club also helps members with music, all ice skating equipment needed which includes customized ice skating shoes and costume choices as well as encouraging promising skaters to experience other training opportunities overseas. This is the rink where Michael Christian Martinez made his break and gained a chance to compete in the international ice skating Olympic competition.